Yamadera (Risshakuji-temple)


To get to Yamadera, take the Senboku Line from Sendai towards Yamagata. The journey takes about an hour. As the route winds through the mountains, cell phone reception is sometimes poor

The air around us was clearly different from the city in its tranquility.

The structure consists of a shrine and the main hall of the temple. This is the so-called Shinto-Buddhist syncretism, and is a common sight in Japan.

Matsuo Basho and Sora
a stone tablet inscribed with a haiku

Nowadays, haiku has spread all over the world. Matsuo Basho is at the top of the list. He stopped here on his long journey and composed his famous haiku here. Next to him is Sora, with whom he shared his journey.

Niou-mon (Niou-gate) 仁王門
Godai-do hall 五大堂
Okunoin 奥の院

After the Godaido Hall, we came to Okunoin (the inner sanctuary). This is the highest point of the mountain temple. There is also a path around here that spreads out to the left and right.

In the past, this area was dominated by the Mogami clan, a rival to the Date clan, which had grown in power mainly in Sendai to the east. A hall dedicated to them has been built here.

Down from here.

The path cut through the deep, deep cliffs is also a path of prayer.

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