Amano iwato Shrine in Miyazaki prefecture

 The myth tells as follows.
 ”Amaterasu (as deity of the sun) had a younger brother named “Susano“. Susano was very rowdy, and did acts of violence. He destroyed rice fields and skinned off live horses. He was simply out of control. Amaterasu had absolutely no idea what to do, finally hid e in a cave and shut down the door made of rock. This doors called “Amano Iwato” (iwa=rock, to=door). The deity of the sun had hide, so the world blacked out. The deities who were in trouble all gathered in “Amano Yasukawara”.
“How can we make her come out ?”
 ”Omoikane” hit on a certain strategy. Omoikane was the cleverest of deities. They argued over it, then made a mirror and stage. On the stage they let “Ameno Uzume” dance and everyone started a banquet. As the meeting advaced, she danced more intensely. Finally, her clothes opened up exposing the breast. All deities laughed looking at it.
 On the other side of the door, Amaterasu wondered why they were laughing and what was happening outside, when the world had blacked out. So she asked to the outside.
“Why are you so joyful ?”
 Uzume answered “because the great deity has emerged.” Amaterasu doubtingly opened the door of the cave a little and peeked out. As soon as the door opened, “Amano Tajikarao” worked hard on the gap and opened the door. Tajikarao is the strongest of deities.
 Amaterasu looked at the shiny deity. Actually, this was the figure of herself which was reflected in the mirror. The world, this way, became bright and peaceful once again.
 Of corse, Susano was exiled his native country.