Ameno-Uzume and Sarutahiko

 THen, Amaterasu (she lives in Takamagahara) decided to let her son go down, but he refused because his baby had just been born at this timing. Finally, she decided to let the grandson go down. His name was “Ninigi“.
 Ninigi took many attendants. One of them was Ameno-Uzume. On the way, they met a mysterious deity at a branching point on the road. He was tall and had a long nose on his face. Ninigi suspected him and had Uzume question him.
“This is Ninigi. Why are you on the road ?” Uzume questioned. The mysterious deity answered.
“My name is Sarutahiko. I have a waited you to guide the way.”
 Having cleared all misunderstandings. Ninigi had Sarutahiko and Uzume married, and them, they went down and reached the summit of Takachiho (people presume that this area is in present day Kyushu 九州 area.

猿田彦とアメノウズメ 神楽
Sarutahiko and Uzume of kagura play
Takachiho gorge in MIyazaki prefecture

 From this legend, people considered Sarutahiko a deity of guidance and we can often see his figure walking at top of ceremonial processions. In addition, his figure is similar to “Tengu 天狗 (this is a legendary being in mountains)”. Both have a long and high nose.

Sarutahiko is walking in processions
Tengu 天狗